Twin motor setup

I've been contemplating about different platforms that could be used that, to me, seem a little more UAV'ish, but I've noticed that I have not ran across any twin motor setups within this site. I've poked around quite a bit, but certainly have not read every page posted.Is there a reason for not utilizing twin setups? Is it simply a matter of scale and payload to flight-time payoff?It seems to me that a few very good possible setups include:OV-10 Bronco SkyMaster 337 Twin Flying Boxcar Bronco and Boxcar both have a ton of space for electronics and good flyers...Any thoughts?
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  • Has anyone used ardupilot in an EDF rig? How do EDF's generally compare in power to weight ratio vs similar prop aircraft? I would guess it could be lower, due to extra eight imparted by the fans and shroud? Should also depend on aircraft design, i.e twin vs single, wing vs fues vs tail mounted.
  • That is exactly what they are planning for that model. They have the big one 81" wingspan:
    You could fit a mini ITX motherboard in there with ease.
  • 3D Robotics
    Oh, yeah! With just one big pusher motor it's perfect. Rather than ballast up front, how about, say, a good camera shooting through a clear plastic dome....

  • 100KM
    well if its glow powered it doubles your chances of a flame out and many designes can be unflyable with one engine out .how ever if its electric that would work very well .
  • The Cessna Skymaster seems like a fantastic plane for UAV use. I was looking at one yesterday and the owner had mounted a single large engine in the rear of the plane, and are currently flying it with just ballast in the nose. There is a tremendous amount of space in the nose and fuselage of that plane.
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    Pictures, please!

    Typically twin tailbooms and one pusher prop ("Pioneer" design) gets you the same big equipment area and clear nose view as twin motors, with a lot less fuss. But there may be a case for twins that I haven't heard...
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