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Here are few status updates: --With the launch of the 2.2 code, the manual and the expansion board kit, we now have what we consider a pretty stable and complete commercial product. Development on ArduPilot will be more incremental from here on, with minor code changes and feature additions and no planned hardware changes. That should allow everyone to get the current version working and adapt it for different aircraft platforms, which we now support with custom settings files. --We will re-release version 1.0 (the navigation-only autopilot) as a cut-down version of 2.2, using the latest code and GPS module support but without 2.2's stabilization code. It's designed for cars, boats and for those who want to use the FMA Co-Pilot for stabilization. The new version will be called 1.1 and should be out in a few weeks. --We will discontinue support of all other code versions. If you're using 2.0 and 2.1, they will still work, but we won't be improving them and we won't be able to support you if you're having trouble. For those with the green (168) board, 2.1 is the last version of the code that works. That's totally compatible with our ground station and setup utility, so you should still be in pretty good shape. But if you want to keep evolving with the project, I suggest you upgrade to the red (328) board. --We should have the thermopile sensor situation sorted out in a few weeks. We hope to be able to sell XY and Z sensors at a very competitive price then. Stay tuned. --Our development resources will now shift to the next generation of ArduPilot, which will be based on an IMU expansion board, and ArduPilot Mega, a "pro-level" autopilot built on the Arduino Mega architecture. We are targeting the IMU expansion board at less than $100 (including code), and ArduPilot Mega will be around $50. Combined with a good GPS module, we are hoping to be able to release a very capable 6 DOF IMU-based autopilot for less than $200 around the end of the year. As with everything else we do, they will be open source, so the actual manufacturing and sales of the autopilot will be by third parties. --We're working on loads of other products for the DIY Drones store, including an OSD, more sensors and perhaps some "all in one" kits, up to and including aircraft. --We'll also sell a premium version of the Blimpduino kit that comes with LiPo, charger and 2.4 Ghz RC equipment.
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  • Great work to all; this is really taking off, especially with the ease integrating airframe files whose diversity will hopefully grow with the project. Anybody have any tuned systems to share. Im making headway with my electristar and will share once its tuned over a range of conditions. Is the funjet header file available for testing/tweeking??. Im curious how the elevon mixing is accomplished. I saw vtail mixing in the latest 2.2 code, so ill look there for ideas.
  • 3D Robotics

    That the spirit! Happy to give advice as you get into it.
  • Chris,

    I will work on adding those features, just for me would take a considerably longer time (at least the SCP1000) compared to some who speak C fluently. However, trying is one way of learning :)
  • Where can you get the gyros?
  • To clarify, the motion plus, which is just the 3 axis gyro, costs less than $20 by itself.
  • The Motion Plus has 3 axis of gyro, and the Nunchuck has 3 axis of accel. Combined you have a 6 DOF IMU and they cost under $40 together. All digital too. i2c, actually. 10-bit res on the accels, and 16-bit on the gyros. Really it's the gyros that are big news here. The accels are a good deal, but the gyros are way cheaper than anything I've seen before.

    I realize it's not a super elegant solution. Can't exactly be hacking apart nintendo products to build your ardupilot boards. But...maybe leave people with the option of adding on their own easily?
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    Xander, are you sure the new Wii controller has accels, too? I thought it was just gyros...
  • Chris, for what it's worth, Nintendo's new release brings the price of a full 3 gyro 3 accel sensor under $40. I'd love to see that bring down the price of the IMU board! I posted about it here
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    That's the virtue of open source code; anybody can add those if they want. You don't have to wait for us to add features. We'll happily host code that members create to extend ArduPilot in various ways.
  • Hi Chris,

    Do you have anymore info regarding the thermopile sensors you plan to sell from DIYDrones? Will you be building them based on the PPZ design?
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