For the past few days my log is not working anymore. When I try to pull the log it will shown the bellow:

ArduCopter V2.5.5] logs logs enabled:  ATTITUDE_MED GPS PM CTUN NTUN CMD

96 logs

Log -1791,    start 1,   end 1

Log -1790,    start 1,   end 1



ys negative, and there is no informations.

My hardware is APM2. I tried erase logs, erase eeprom, reset factory default, upload new firmware, upload fw using arduino. Tried latest code from GIT with new dataflash erase method, pul the dataflash and put it back.

My hexa flew well, it just I need the log to help me with analyze my copter.

Any idea what else I should do?





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Anyone experienced this issue?

I saw a very similar problem with the latest arduplane firmware, could be related.

did you try to erase the dataflash?

In terminal, log download, erase all logs.

You probably have too many logs and have passed the boundaires. It is probably a bug, but anyway having 96 is not very useful.

I'm sure if  you erase them, you will get things back as normal.


I did erased it multiple times, with 2.5.5 fw or with latest code in GIT that using chip_erase for datalog erase.

After erase I check the log in terminal and it shown no logs.

96 is not the real number of logs, cause I just erase the logs and armed the copter, pull up the throttle for about 2-3 seconds and disarmed. When I tried to list the logs using terminal, the above screenshoot was what I got.

I do logging test from terminal and i did not get any error message, everything seems alright.

I had the same problem.  I noticed that the micro memory card was a bit loose.  I removed it, and folded a piece of paper the same size (minus the connector), and put that piece of paper on top of the memory card, and slid it back it.  Now it stays in, and it works fine.

Dan Gray


I had this exact same issue when I loaded 2.6 via Arduino IDE  (was 2.5.4). I have an APM1.  Cleared the logs many times (what's that old saying about doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?).  Then tried reloading 2.5.4, clearing the logs, performing Setup/Erase/Reset, reloading 2.6, setup/erase/reset - did this many times - the issue still persisted.  

Then, I changed the routine once.  Started with 2.6 and setup/erase/rest.  Saved Params to disk.  Reloaded 2.5.4.  but no Setup/Erase/Reset.  Then I loaded 2.6 again, but again, no Setup/Erase/Reset.  Then loaded the previously saved 2.6 params.  All works now.    I have not verified that this is the fix for the issue as I have not reproduced the issue and fix again, but I sure am glad it's now working.... 


Thank you for your suggestion, I'll try it and i report the result :)



I'm running Arduplane 2.40 and I'm getting the same thing on multiple boards.

I think that the recent firmware might have a bug?  But I'll try some of the suggestions listed here.

I'm getting a similar problem.  My APM2 is brand new.  The first few flights the logs were fine. I downloaded them once and then cleared them through the planner.  Since then, I have never been able to consistently create new logs.  Most of the time I end up with the right number of log files but they start and end with event 1, ie they are zero lenght.  When I download them there is nothing in them.

Seems like a regression with the latest firmware?  Someone mentioned there is a new erase method being used, maybe that's the problem?

The new Firmaware Arducopter 2.6 and Arduplane 2.4 using Chip erase method to clear the dataflash.

Based on my reading on Datasheet of the flash chip, the manufactur (Atmel) mention that Chip erase has intermitent problem and they suggest to use Block erase or Page erase.

Earlier version of Arducopter and Arduplane use Page erase, it was slow but more reliable, block erase should be faster than page erase and still reliable.

Maybe dev team can look into this further.






Thanks for putting that info there Yovi - I hope the dev team sees this.  Is there any way to bring it to their attention?

I reverted my APM2 boards back to v2.34 today and so far everything seems to be working fine.  My suggestion to anyone who needs to use logs is to use v2.34 until this issue is fixed.

The dev team is aware of this issue, which affects a small percentage of boards. The next version of the code

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