First im very newbie about multirotor and pixhawk or pixhack, what i got before this build just cx20 open source but i will learn much if u want to help me.

i dont know what happen in my quadcopter build, when i takeoff is alway going back or any direction wanted to flip so i cant hover and make my blade broke 2 times.

I really sure i was check everything, calibration esc one by one or all at once, check direction motor, check esc wire to my pixhack, calibration accel, calibration compass, calibration radio and pitch reserve, balance propeller and is very weird for me who first build quadcopter and i already try to reset my pixhack. 

but the problem i found is, when i motor test in mission planner, Motor test C will make my motor C and D spinning together, and Motor test D same as C it will make my motor C and D spinning together, A and B is normal. so i already swap my motor and not work still same, i swap my esc too still same.

i dont know why, please help this moron :(

i never flying this baby for one month because that issue :(

this is my build

S500 Frame Hobbyking

Xrotor 20a Hobbywing

Pixhack Cuav Flight Controller

M8n Cuav GPS

Ubec Hobbywing

T-Motor mt2216 800 kv

APC Propeller 11x4.7 SF and SFP

X9d taranis with x8r

3000mAh 3s Battery

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this is my last i try hover and going flip to right direction, please someone help me :(

i try with stabilize and loiter but same, it make my quad flip :(

my friend told me its maybe my motor not have same speed, but i think my motor is good.


Are your motors spinning on the correct way?, If not you have to change two of motor wires and motor spin to the other side, check your props that are in the correct side too.

im really sure is correct way, front right ccw, left back ccw, front left cw, right back cw and i connect in my pixhack same as that,

front right = 1

back left = 2

front left = 3

back right = 4

even i swap my motor or esc and using motor test in mission planner my C and D motor always spinning together. my propeller is correct too.

i just not understand why when i thorttle up my quad very significant going to random direction and wanted to flip.

my friend told me to using auto trim, but how can i using auto trim if i cant hover my quad? 

Check if your horizon in mission planner is in the correct position if your copter is on a flat surface or if the horizon is crooked. Your radio trims are in 0?

im very sure is flat on horizontal posisition.

what do you mean 0 ?

That you didn't move your radio trims to any side but looks more that something incorrect assemble because your roll and pitch looks that can't follow desired ones or a mechanical you have another log?

First you have to fly in stab, then in alt hold and finally in Loiter; if you can´t fly in stab don't try other modes yet

yes thats true, sometimes i cant roll and pitch i dont know why.

i found that problem when my friend hold my quad and i check roll and pitch, is weird.

what do you think about this problem? my radio?

i just have 2 log again, 1 when i using gemfan and i found my pitch was reserve and this one when i using stabilize and loiter.


This log have mode err 6 and is strange your copter is in manual and FWA mode,that´s a plane mode check your modes, or perhaps better to start again, re upload firmware again and calibrate acc, etc again if you couldn't find another faster solution, go step by step again.

what plane mode? im really sure when i install firmware i choose quadcopter x.

are my radio transmitter is a problem?

i bought from local store and owner not playing quadcopter, he playing a plane. 

but im already setting my radio step by step from painless360 on youtube.

is strange. now i was want swaping my esc again and will re install my quadcopter.

You installed correct the cuad but, perhaps something fails when you install, I noticed that you have simple mode checked too? do you have telemetry on your cuad?

It's a busy task to do all again but sometimes solve the issues. after take off check the movements again, if copter don't respond correctly, don't try to fly.

check to move by hand too if your motors and props are correct. Good Luck

simple mode on flight modes? im not sure because i already reinstall my firmware and now in stabilize was checked.

yes i have telemetry.

i was swap my esc and my motor, and reinstall firmware but on motor test still same, C and D spinning together when i press C or D.

this is normal?

was check everything was done, just not confident about propeller, i have APC SF and SFP but the ring maybe too loose for my t motor, are that can make a problem?

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