Problems with APM2 and DJI ESCs

I'm having a problem getting the APM2 to work with the DJI ESCs and motors I just got.

I have the DJI 30amp 11.1V ESCs with the DJI 920KV motors. I have everything plugged in into the APM2 and when I plug the battery in all the ESCs/Motors give the abnormal input signal beeps and none of the LEDs turn on on the APM2. When I plug the APM2 into the computer via the USB (before I connect to the Mission Planner) and than plug in the battery I get the ready beeps. When I disconnect the USB (with the battery still plugged in) I get the abnormal input signal beeps again.

I know that the APM2 I have can work because I built a GAI 500x with the APM2 on it and it flew wonderfully.

Any thoughts?

UPDATE: I ran through the configuration in the Mission Planner and after I did that I was able to run the motors command in the CLI and it worked! I was even able to arm and throttle up the quad when it was plugged into both the computer and the battery. But I still get the abnormal input signal beeps and no APM2 lights with only the battery plugged in.

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  • The information page on the DJI web site re their 30 amp Opto Aces does say they supply power through the red and black signal wires. I have seen several posts that say they don't, but if you dig to the set up section on their web site they say they do.

    I have also seen another posting that indicates all signal power and grounds should be hooked up on the DJI Opto 30.

    I know the Opto 30 is considered to be a very sturdy ESC and is very reliable and under stressed on the 450 and 550 Flamewheels.

    The biggest problem is that it is very hard to find set up and reliable specification information for this ESC.

  • Does any one know a way to calibrate the esc from dji, I moved to APM 2.5 and my drone is flying but not as stable so far as I had with the Naza. Or could it be PID's? Any help is approciated, thnks.

    Just to point that I tried botth manual and auto calibration in the wiki and neither seem to work.

  • I wish I saw this post a few weeks ago when I was pulling my hair out thinking what I did wrongly.

    Yes the DJI ESCs do not have an inbuilt BEC, I am now running a Castle BEC programmed to output 5.3V (as suggested by the wiki page with the jumper installed). After installing the BEC everything worked as it should, I've read that the DJI ESCs do not need to be calibrated, never did this step and it works just fine.

  • I have the same problem with the apm2 running arduplane firmware. To get past it I power the apm2 with a laptop before plugging in the battery of the plane. I haven't been able to find an answer to the problem, but I have been able to boil it down to needing the amp2 powered before connecting the battery and esc (with built in bec). Seems to be an interrupt in the throttle while booting up the apm2 before the throttle is initialized and resulting beeps from the motor after the tri-tone. I did come across a quad fanatic that fixed it by changing the refresh rate, which might be your answer.

    I have not been able to do the same on my plane, so I have just been taking my laptop to the airfield with me. It is probably possible to power the apm2 with a portable USB charger or a USB power plug for a car prior to plugging in the battery, but I have not attempted it. You should give this a try:

    Have your copter where you want to launch from.
    Power the amp2 with a laptop - no need to go into the mission planner, you just need the jump start.
    Give it a couple seconds to boot up - I usually wait 30 seconds to let the gyros stabilize.
    Plug in the battery.
    Unplug the USB.
    Let 'er rip

    I have been doing this every time and all functions of the apm2 work perfectly. She just needs a little jump start.

  • I have a F450 flying with DJI ESC's and motors.  I'm powering via a hobbyking BEC, and didn't have to do any esc calibration to get the thing flying. Some rate Kp adjusting was needed with 10" props.


  • So how is it working for you?

    I'm trying to do the same thing. I've got it powered up ok - but and experiencing violent flipping as soon as I hit the throttle.

  • Problem (maybe) solved.

    The DJI ESCs do not have a BEC inside of it so you cannot power the APM through the ESCs tri-cable (which is what was happening with the GAUI we had).

    So we are getting a 5A BEC and soldering it to the power distribution plate that comes with the Flame Wheel. Hopefully it will work by putting the power into the unused pins next to the ESC tri-cables.

  • 3D Robotics

    Which version of the code are you using? Have you calibrated the ESCs with the autocalibration method?

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