Being new to the sport, I noticed the prop on my JM 6x4 hasn't the same size hole as my Turnigy B2835-2200. What is the best way to mount this thing without buying an adapter and waiting for shipping?

 Thank you very much!
-Austin Duff

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Props usually come with spacer rings. Yours didn't?
Yes but they were too big for the 3.2mm shaft. Chris could you recommend a trusted adapter + prop for a 3.2mm shaft for my easy glider pro?

Thank you
Hobby Lobby is a great resource. Not just for purchases, but they often have video of the planes they sell so you can see them in action. Here's a link to an 3.2mm (1/8th in) adapter.
Prop's are never "mounted" directly to the motor shaft. You need to find a "prop adaptor" for a 3.2mm motor shaft. For example -

There are ones that use grub screws to secure the adaptor to the motor shaft (like above) or others that use a collet.

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