Proper way to use servos with pixhawk?

In pixhawk docs they recommend against plugging the servo to pixhawk directly because a jump in the power draw of the servo might mess it up.

So what would be the best way to do it then?

Should I split the servo wire and insert just the signal one in the pixhawk and put some connector to the + and - ones and connect them to a BEC or something?

And do you think that servo used just for tilting a FPV camera can cause troubles with the pixhawk at all?

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  • Hi,

    It is a much better idea to power a servo from either an esc (using the buillt in BEC provided your esc isn't an opto), or a seperate BEC.

    Make sure the servo has both the signal and ground wires hooked up to the pixhawk, and connect the red wire to the 5v red wire from the esc or bec.

    If you use a BEC and are not powering it from the same power source as the pixhawk, then also connect the bec's 5v ground to the servo too.

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