Last month, I bought a 3DR Iris and one PX4flow device for indoor flying, but the Pixhawk hardware and Autopilot 3.0.1 are not compatible with it (connector, software, and perhaps Pixhawk hardware,...).

Have you any information about already existing improvements, or planned improvements ?



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  • Collaborate!
    • Same here, i tried this setup but nothing happened... i think i had version 3.1.5 installed.

  • No never got it to work either and could not get any help with it. Shame as it looks great for my application. You could try on the other website but that was to technical for me. Let me know if you have progress or want to calaberate
  • Hi !

    Someone try this for the Pixhawk ?

    For me nothing happends, but I may have forgotten something.

  • From what I understand the PX4flow and optical flow in general is not really supported in Aurdupilot. you need to use different firm ware i.e. PX4 auto pilot. this runs with a different ground station and is much less user friendly than Ardupilot. shame that this does not work well on Ardupilot. The bottom line is: the Px4flow WILL NOT work with Ardupilot at all just the mouse style cameras.

  • yes I to have this problem. but cant find anyone working on getting this feature to improve.

  • Any update on this issue?


      10. Bug fixes:

      a) optical flow working again (although performance is still not great because not integrated with inertial navigation)

      has anyone tested?Pixhawk/apm2.6?

      • I  found it a bit hard to decipher exactly what that update was referring to.

        after searching around a bit, I ended up concluding (perhaps wrongly) that the update to 3.1 regarding optical flow was not related to the PX4Flow, but to a more traditional (mouse sensor) implementation of Optical flow sensing.

        Can anyone out there shine more light on this?

  • i agree with Felixrising,

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