Qantum nova with 3dr radio not communicationg

I have a quantum Nova that I have fitted with a 3dr telemetry radio.  All was working perfectly until I upgraded to the latest version of copter and now I can't communicate. I have;

1) Solid green light

2) When I try to connect, the remote module flashes red and the module on the Nova flashes on Rx. 

3) I have swapped modules - doesn't help

4) I have checked the pinouts, I do not have RX and TX swapped - it worked before

Is there something I need to do to tell the board on the Nova to transmit?

I think it may be fried. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • That's because it's a knock off copy board and you're required to do the resistor mod to run telemetry once you upgrade FW, very common thing to do and heaps of info out there on it, look it up

    • Gotcha. Thanks.

      • All good now. Communicating. Thank's.

  • same thing here, thought it was just me

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