QAV500 is locked in

After a dozen flights or so, I think I've got my QAV500 tuned pretty good. Put it to the test yesterday in 20mph sustained, 30+mph gusts and it held solid in loiter and came right to me in RTL.

Setup is:

APM2.5 w/ Ublox LEA-6 GPS (awesome GPS!!)

AC firmware: 2.9

Airframe: FPV Manuals QAV-500

Motors: T-Motor 2814-11 / 710kv

Props: Graupner 11x5

Batts: 4s 3300-4500mah

Rx/Tx: Dragonlink

FPV setup: Fatshark 5.8ghz w/ Attitude goggles

Camera: Pixim 690TVL


If anyone is interested, let me know and I can post my PIDs or param file.

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  • you still running that machine with those PIDs? I have a 540 with these PIDs and it sucks so bad. Vibration and shake so bad the video is useless. Any suggestions? May have to try yours. 12" props, 8000 mah 4s , luminier 4006-740 motors, feiyu g3 gimbal. Pixhawk

    2nd PID QAV.png

  • Added a video of me trying the system out with a Contour Roam 1080P camera. Nothing special just experimenting at an open field. Still flies, Loiters and RTLs great but may need to tweak some params slightly to make up for additional weight.


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    Hi Elvis, 

    Thanks for posting this.Im looking at getting the 500 frame also. Question on the tiger motors, where did you get them firstly and secondly, how did they compare to the stock 3dr motors? Have you flown the 880kv motors? Just wondering about the performance difference.


  • Your parameters won't be suitable for my rig, but I'm curious to hear about your tuning process to get it that solid.

    Did you go through the steps mentioned in Dave C's Arducopter Tuning Guide, then follow the new recommendations for 2.9 in the ArduCopter 2.9 Release post?

    Any other tips + tricks?

  • hi elvis

    i have a similar set up i am interested in your pid and param file.

    i have problems with th trottle motors start turning verihigh rpm and quad starts shaking very hard

    thanks for any reply

  • I would like to know what weight the setup comes to, with and without FPV setup. 

    What kind of flight times do you get with the batteries mentioned? And do you feel you need the higher voltage for the slower motor with bigger props?

    Your setup looks great, a pic or a video would top it off

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