Quad almost flew away in Loiter mode.


I am having an issue with Loiiter mode on my Arducopter. 

Here is what happened. I was hovering at about 2Meter ( eye level ) altitude with 16 Sats in Loiter mode. All was calm and stable.

After a few minutes, the Quad seems to automatically go full throttle and shoots up . In less than 3 seconds it climbs like 50 meters. I try to do an RTL, nothing happens, it then tilts sharply, motors switches off, and crash lands. 

It was scary, extremely scary and someone could have been hurt , very badly hurt. 

Hardware used was Pixhawk Holybro 


Firmware Version V3.5.5

In terms of the build, everything i could see was perfect. The motors were all good, Escs and Radio were perfect. Vibrations were very little. GPS was good, there were not much winds.

Attached is the log. 

Hopefully someone can help. If any kind of a bug, this is very scary !

2018-08-26 12-52-26.bin

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