Quad frame size and inherent stability

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This is a bit off topic but hopefully I can get advise on this


I currently have three quads including a 400mm mikropter which is still my most reliable platform but I am really happy with my arduquads and I am likely not to continue the mikropter path any longer.


My question is: If I just want to lift a gopro for HD video and a max 2200-3000 mah lipo. what is the most inherently stable multicopter. is it a small frame in the 300-400mm size and light as possible, or is it a larger frame in the 500-600mm or more. Likewise how does prop size influence the inherent stability or controlability of the quad by ardu. ie is a smaller prop lower mass better or a larger prop on a larger frame?

do hexas and octos really add anything for stability or is it just for extra weight carrying.

My goal is to produce the smoothest flight characteristics and wonder what frame size is ideal




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  • I just finished some nice tests, I just flew my CF Daedalus Kinjal (12 inch 30cm motor to motor) with APM no mag, in my house, hovering, for 6 min 45 seconds very stable, on beta 47 AC2. This was with gps, Xbee Telem, Sonar, Gopro in Waterproof housing , FrSky 8ch rx, and a massive turnigy-nano 5000mAh 4s pack with an xt60 adapter all onboard as payload. 


    Next I switched over to a single 3s max 2200 pack, same rig, and hovered less stable (Cus the pack is so light) but hovered for 8:30 before my battery alarm went off. 

    I am so loving arducopter right now that I too am saying bye bye to my MKs as well. you can see the model here for details:


    Cheers franco


  • Generally speaking normally the larger the mutlicopter the more stable it will perform but i have seen smaller multicopters perform very well and stable as well.

    I guess it would depend on what your intended use would be. If it is for video/fpv having a smooth well behaved platform is a must.For the last many months I have been learning FPV and have tried several quads and tricopters, thus far a tricopter with 500mm arms running 850kv moters and 10x45 props seems to be the best.


    If that sounds familiar it should, its a kit based off of David Windestal's tricopter design which flies very well and smooth.


    I have also considered the vc-550 quad frame at hoverthings.com. It looks like a good frame to build a nice stable quad on. Only issue is keeping the legs out of the picture:)


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    Quads don't have even thrust so they tend to not transition from pitch to roll smoothly. an Octo will have the best and smoothest transition.

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