I recently assembled a quad with ardumega board and tried to do a test flight, got it off the ground and the copter spins to the left with no yaw controll. It is in the x configuration. I had checked motor rotation. Prop orientation and all seem ok.

Not sure what is going on with this.....................?

Any ideas?? Possible motor controls mixed up?



PS like in the video, but not so drastic.


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Wow, nobody has any ideas ????

Well I wiped the processor clean and reinstalled the program, rechecked all the input, outputs, calibrated the esc's and am going to try to get this up this weekend.



Actually I am now having the same problem.

I am sure it was not doing this yesterday.

Tried to fly today and it just starts spinning counter clockwise.

I have no idea.

If it hovers and spins on the Yaw or Rudder axis, you probably have all of the rotations back words. What are you flying? I did this and got the same result. The other possibility is that the motor outputs from the APM are all off by one pin. The fact that you can take says everything is off by one position.
Just to explain further and try to explain why it changes directions. Example of a hexa. If you are in a plus config, the front blade spins clockwise and each subsequent motor spins the opposite of the previous. Rudder is controlled by speeding up the CW blades and slowing down the CCW, or vise versa. If they are rotating exactly opposite of correct the compensation for rudder will exasperate the problem, making it spin faster. Depending on which way it is trying to compensate (left or right) it will only make the rotation worse. So, the copter will try to stay in a natural state of no rudder movement. The first time it compensates and the direction of the compensation will determine which way it will spin. Its an open loop scenario.

I am flying a quad in x configuration. As for the motor outputs, I have the older board that starts at 0-7 from rh to left looking at the pins. o pin is rh arm 1 is oposite arm, 2 is lf arm and 3 is the opposite of that arm.

I found out that the radio controls are backwards, I found that in acro mode. When I switch to stabalize the copter is not flyable, I found one motor getting hot and stops right after I pull throttle out so I feel that is one of the big problems. I need to fix that first then go back to figuring out the rest.

As for the rotation on the props, I have a few other quads and know how to set that up and confirm.


I know you've said that you've checked motor directions etc. but have you tried the CLI "Motors" command to make sure the motor numbering is correct?


If you give it no input other than throttle and you can keep it in the air longer than a few seconds, does the rotational (yaw rotation) increase in speed? If so, it is an indication the compensating control is open loop. Which I assume has to be the case since I am sure you are trying to trim it out but cannot. Radio controls being backwards shouldn't have anything to do with the compensation unless you are trimming as if the control is correct. Motor could be your issue as I would think level flight trumps solid yaw in stabilize. If it were limiting in rpm, the other motor would lower its rpm to achieve hover, the othe two motors would be all you have to achieve alt. But the fact it changed directions says thats not the issue. Not sure, but there are two motor spinning at a different rate than the other two.

I have checked and re calibrated radio and ESC's

I have done the motors CLI test and all is OK.

Assuming one motor is down on power and it spins counter clockwise I should be able to narrow it down to two out of four motors.

So for a counter clockwise spin which two should I look at first?

OK I have tested with a different oilpan and my problem goes away.

Must be a problem with my oilpan or compass.

I will let you know what I find but not sure that it may help you sorry.

I hope its not my oil pan , I dont have another.

Check your raw sensor values.
In my case the z gyro appears faulty.

how do I look at raw sensor values??



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