I am looking to buy a drone but I have no experience.

I am looking for something that has gps and can have a waypoint set to it via an ipad. A longer flight time and high range would be best. I wouldnt mind a build-it-yourself kit either. I don't know weather a drone with 3, 4 8 ect motors would be best

Please give some advice

Thanks in advance

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  • hi,

    this is from my store 2 ARF in your price range with Brushless gimbal included.

    all you need is battery Transmitter, you can knock off $100 for 2- axis gimbal version. 


    Multirotor FPV Flyman Frame ARF W/ 3 Axis Smart Gopro Brushless [QA190] - $715.00 : OFFTHEGRIDWATER…
    OFFTHEGRIDWATER.CA Multirotor FPV Flyman Frame ARF W/ 3 Axis Smart Gopro Brushless [QA190] - Features Bumblebee assembly version, all parts have been…
  • looks like you need a hexa copter with a minimum of 12x4 props, 550 to 600 wheel base 4S -6S battery.

     Tarot makes some popular setups in that range how much are you willing to spend? and what controller do you like?

    • I have looked at the tarot frames but they don't include motors or anything else. Is there any all inclusive sets or could you advise on any motors ect to buy.
      • better to buy the parts and assemble your self or find a ARF kit that you like.  for that price point it is the only way to go. sunny sky motor's , Tiger motor's will work well 4114 or 3508 will handle 15.4 props just select the appropriate KV for the battery you will be using. 

    • I am willing to spend £400 ($669.72) but I havnt yet looked at any controllers

  • I guess your Dad can help you put it together? The carrying camera is nice but you need to know what camera you will be using. this will determine the size of the craft. 

    • I guess I will be using some kind of camera like one of those cuboid shaped Panasonic ones


      • Do you have any suggestions for any smaller ones or maybe even ones with live video feed

  • what are you planning on caring? how long of a flight time you need ? how portable do you need it to be?

    what sort of technical back ground do you have?

    • Thanks for replying

      I need something that can carry a video camera

      maybe 15 minute flight time

       how portable it is doesn't really matter as I would launch it from somewhere like a field

      I don't have much technical background but my dad is very familiar with electronics as he builds automated robots

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