• I tried flip using the channel 7 option as well with similar results!  Fortunately i was over a field of soft grass so didn't break anything except a gps mast.  I found I had to go up to about 20 meters altitude to give it enough time to recover - after the flip it seems to stall and needs a lot of time to recover.  I was flying with 3s battery, I think with 4s battery it would need much less time/altitude to recover.  I'll try it again when I have more spares :)

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    Did you use the flip option or did you try to do the flip in Acro mode? One suggestion is try higher and be prepared to switch to stabilize mode.
    • Hi Richard,

      It's good to see your reply! thanks you!

      I used switch option on channel 7, but when I see my quad complete flip, I've put the switch back to low position, is it wrong?

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        I've never used the switch option. One of the beauties of this hobby is you get to experiment and try find out how things work (DIY). I assume you started in stabilize mode. I would defenitly have more altitude so you have room to recover. Read the wiki and be careful, the code changes pretty fast. So don't alway upgrade until you know what's changed in the code. Have fun and fly safe.
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