I'm going to build a quadcoper with a 3DR frame running a 8S battery and Multi Star Elite 3508-260KV motors with 13X4 carbon fiber props, if the numbers look good after I'm finished and have test flown it for a little while I may convert it to an X8 to see how that works out, Hobby King says that a hexcopter can get over a one hour flight time, If I like the motors I will also build a hex 680 with the tarot frame.

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  • How did the Multi star's turn out Jerry?  I'm looking at trying them on a 700 size frame with a HV setup but the lack of success stories is disconcerting. HK made some big claims when they (motors) were released which I've not seen backed up by evidence anywhere.

    • Hi Paul, I never got to fly the 3DR frame, it got run over by my buddy when he pulled into my drive and crushed the frame, I am building a hex with the same motor and props and hope to finish that one in a few weeks after I recover from heart surgery, I will post the results


  • Hey Jerry, how did you get on with your build? What kind of flight times are you getting?

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