Quadrotor Flips, on Take off


After Arming the board, when trying to take off, the vehicle flipped off instantly. Never it went to hovering mode. After giving 15 % throttle, quad flipped .

This is my configuration.

1. DYS 20Amp ESC 

2. KK 2.1 FLight controller with LCD

3. DYS motors with 1000KV, 150W 

4. HK Transmitter & Rx, T6A V2 : 

5. Nano Tech Lipo 4s, 4500maH, 35C. 

6. Props 8x4.5

7. "+" Configuration selected from FC board.

I have checked motor connection, rotation direction, prop direction. It appears to be fine. What could be the reason for it Huh?

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  • The KK controller does have orientation considerations.

    All the normal  checks should be performed:

    • Correct motor direction per arm
    • Correct prop on motor for the direction
    • Correct mounting of prop (up side up)
    • Correct mounting of control pcb and orientation direction
    • Correct wriring of correct motor to control pcb

    Any and all these can be mixed up and cause flipping/control loss.



  • I'm not familiar with the KK flight controller. We had the same thing happen with an APM after one of my students moved a few components around to mount a Go-Pro. What turned out to be the problem is the APM was not pointing toward the front of the quad. It has an arrow on the top that says front. I assume the KK (and you know what assuming is) has a special orientation it must be mounted to know what direction is forward. Just a guess.

  • Hello any help on the above post 

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