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Avionics post Grad. Intrested in computer Vision aspects of MAV's.



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Corsair commented on Tommy Larsen's blog post Skywalker X8 - Video and Telemetry via 3g internet
"Hello All,
Excellent work by Tommy. I can realize the advantages of this solution.
But Still I have couple of doubts in the solution. It would be really great if you all clear my novice doubts. Forgive my ignorance.
a) Why do we need wifi adaptor…"
Jan 17, 2014
Corsair replied to Corsair's discussion Quadrotor Flips, on Take off
"Hello any help on the above post "
Dec 17, 2013
Corsair posted a discussion
Hello,After Arming the board, when trying to take off, the vehicle flipped off instantly. Never it went to hovering mode. After giving 15 % throttle, quad flipped .This is my configuration.1. DYS 20Amp ESC 2. KK 2.1 FLight controller with LCD3. DYS…
Dec 12, 2013
Corsair replied to Corsair's discussion Ticking noise from Motor, Motor ceased to rotate.
"THANK YOU ALL. It was Connectivity Problem. The bad connectivity was present between battery and ESC.."
Dec 8, 2013
Corsair posted a discussion
Hello All,I have DYS 20Amp ESC, which when connected separately to DYS motor runs smoothly. I have performed Throttle Range Calibration, ESC is responding perfectly. All ESC's were connected to Controller Board and gave perfect connection for Quad +…
Dec 7, 2013