Quadrotor Project Labview Simulation

Hi guys, I am embarking on a project to design a quadrotor although I know it has been already designed.It is part of my school final year project.At this phase, which is the R&D phase, I am currently simulating the quadrotor using Labview and am apparently stuck with my ELEVATOR and AILERON controls.The design flies on a 4 channel configuration of a helicopter.Is anyone here well verse in Labview so that I could seek assistance from you?I have attached my Labview simulation file to this post.Please take a look and any assistance rendered will be much appreciated.Regards,MAVERICK

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  • hi there,
    well your project is similar to mine but i am using a C# language for the flight control of factory made Draganfly Vti Pro. I am trying to design a autonomous well closed loop full autonomous UAV and I am facing a problem with payload which is 100 gm +25 maximum. So in this case, what should be the best option for localizing the aerial vehicle (state positioning), and do you kno any low weight attitude sensors (digital compass e.g ocean-server) ?

    Hope tat make senese and what do you think about scanning 2D Laser Range Finder?

  • Hi,

    It seems that your project seems to be going on very successfully. I'm currently looking into constructing a quad rotor also. But do not know where to start. So i'm just browsing around to find out more. I just can't seem to see how your simulator works.

    Can you explain to me how it works?

  • Hi Maverick and all members,

    I am a new comer in UAV's and i am currently reading a lot of blogs and discussions here.
    I am interested by Quadrotor and found your discussion.
    I would like to ask you some questions :
    1)your design is a flying "X".
    Does it means that the 2motors A/D are always running at same speed ?
    Same question for the 2 motors B/C
    2)do you have a labview simulation for a quadrotor flying "+" ? ( i think this dis the other way..)
    3)what are the mains differences between the 2 flying modes for a quadrotor ?
    4)i never used labview...
    i am an Hardware engineer and understood the concept of labview simulation.
    Could you please explain how to use labview to validate and verify the software controls will make the quadrotor react correctly?
    I suppose this is not trivial
    If not easy to describe, could you provide me some documents or url links to understand these procedures?
    5)what are the labview components needed for these tasks ?

    Sorry for my english which is not my native language
    Thanks a lot for your help

    PS : congratulations for this UAV site !! It is really GREAT !

    Best regards.
  • I cleaned-up diagram a bit so that I can see data flow a bit better (see pic). I still don't understand what the question is :)


  • The diagram is a little messy. You might be better off using a Formula Node for doing the math. It will be easier to debug.

  • I looked at it. What is your specific problem / question?
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