• Hi Alex I want to show you one of our developments that takes the greatest advantages of the skywalker x8 with precision engineering. It is the skydibox a carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass system that is put on the skywalker x8 and gives two hours of autonomy, in addition to the anti-impact security and gimbal support for different cameras.


    Alex Maltais said:

    Hola chicos,

    Estoy de acuerdo con usted en que el diseño es muy similar , pero ¿tiene alguna idea de por qué el modeloC-Astral puede volar3 horasy que elX8solo 45minutos (70 min máximo)? ¿Es por losmaterialesexternosolacombinaciónmotor /prop?


  • Something like this Adam? 


    It's composite as well, just like the C-Astral, where as the X8 is foam. 

    • Hi guys,

      I agree with you that the design is very similar, but do you have any idea why the C-Astral model can fly 3 hours and that the X8 only 45 minuntes (70 min max)? Is it because of outside materials or motor/prop combination?


    • Awesome! That will do nicely! I just fell in love with the design of theirs. Thank you very much :)

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