I am using  an apm2.6 and experiencing odd twitches to full flips .(in stabilize mode)

looking at the logs pitch/roll in seems steady but roll is up to 180degs on  one fatel flip.

this all seems to have happened after flying into a bush ! stalling all motors for a few seconds

My questions are   ,is rollin/pitchin radio input or output to the esc?

                           can anyone explain how overload on an esc works ?

I suspect that one or more esc s are at fault

Tim Painter

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 quick update . I checked my quad over  and all looked ok

so i flew 40 mins this morning without a glitch?

so i am wondering if my esc  (dys 20a simonk firm) have a thermal reset or something similar?

any ideas ,self healing after a good nights rest?

Tim Painter

I had some odd random twitching the other day on a pixhawk board...  in the end I concluded it was a problem with the spek satellite antennas having touched some wet ground.. I pointed the antennas up away from the ground (only just touched a bit when landed) and the issue didn't re-present the rest of that flying session. I'd never seen this behaviour before on any of my platforms, but chalked it up to (hopefully) just antenna problem/signal loss.. 

Hi all

          My twitching problem seems to have gone away!!

   My thoughts are that at the time i was using long flexible landing legs to clear camera

and it was windy so that on connecting battery (boot up) copter was moving causing incorrect gyro calibration

the second incident i was booting copter in my hand  so also moving!

can anyone confirm  if gyro and/or accelerometer    calibration take place at boot up   or arming?

I would like to use my copter from a small inflatable boat where the chances of a stationary boot  up is unlikely

any one had experience of this?

Thanks Tim Painter

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