Hi all

sorry for the noob question but I've searched everywhere and couldn't find answers to the following:

The RC channels assignment 1 to 4 is common and understandable

Channel 5 for flight mode selection is also understandable, but my question is why only 6? I can relate with some radios not having two 3 way switches that would allow more selections. Was that the reason?

Channel 6 why the limited selection of commands (I'm using APM planner 2.07) mostly related with fine tuning and calibration. Why limit the selection of actions available? Also why only two positions?

Channel 7 and 8. Why only two positions each? Was it the same reasoning of the choice of channel 5?

I forgot to mention that I'm using the latest APM 3.1.2 with a PixHawk. My RC Radio is a Spektrum DX9 and the receiver is a OrangeRX R800X and is connected via the SBus out to the PixHawk RC IN, so theoretically I could use more channels, but can't find a way to enable channel 9 on the APM.



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Its mostly limited because 8 channels use to be plenty for the functionality we had at the time and many transmitters only had that many (or less).  There are vague plans to add support for more.

Thanks Randy

And about providing multiple responses to channels 6, 7 and 8, like we have now (6 options) for channel 5.

Also, why the limitations of available functions for channels 6, 7 and 8. I believe this one could be easily added.



Dont use stuff that muxes over a single cable straight to the apm. Im guess perhaps you also have a gimbal, so my suggestion would be to route each channel over a single cable and then your free to hookup your gimbal etc without the APM.

Sorry, but you lost me with your reply.

In case I wasn't clear I don't want to mix various channels. What I'm asking is for each of the remaining channels to be able to respond to more than 2 events like what is done currently with channel 5.

Another issue is adding more than 8 RC channels to available actions.

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