RC not calibrated problem

Hi all,

Brand new, learning quickly, and very excited. 

I've got a pixhawk board v3.3.3, mission planner 1.3.39, taranis transmitter, and the X8R receiver running PPM out of the SBUS port. The transmitter has 5 channels set up, throttle (1), roll (2), pitch (3), yaw (4), and 3-position flight mode on channel 5. Even after completing the radio calibration under initial setup, the board still blinks double yellow and telemetry says PreArm: RC not calibrated. 

When ARMING_CHECK in full parameter tree is set to 0, board will breathe green but will not arm even after safety switch is pressed to solid red. 

Here are the channel values after radio calibration

CH1: 982 | 2006

CH2: 982 | 2006

CH3: 982 | 2006

CH4: 982 | 2006

CH5: 982 | 2006

CH6: 1494 | 1494

CH7: 1494 | 1494

CH8: 1494 | 1494

CH9: 874 | 874

CH10-16: 874 | 874

Board settings are all still "default" to my knowledge. 

What could be causing the RC not calibrated issue and could that be why it won't arm even when arming checks are turned off?

f450 frame

sunnysky 980kv motors

3s 3300mah (upgrading to 4s soon)

hobbyking 30A esc

taranis tx

8XR rx

250mw fatshark fpv system

I can do screenshots/pull up any information you might need to diagnose this issue

Any help is appreciated,


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  • Craig, 

    Between crazy hours at work and other stuff haven't been able to post at godly hours for a while 

    The RC channel map was not set up correctly... not sure how the RC calibration page showed that it knew where the sticks should be but the map was off

    For ESC's to be calibrated correctly, the transmitter needs to be calibrated first... after the channel map was figured out, i was so excited I took the quad outside armed it, gave it a touch of throttle and it flew away into two trees, a telephone pole, and landed upside down on asphalt... broken prop and ripped some GPS/compass wires but they are fixed now

    So far i've flown 4 auto missions including a grid mission and am very, very pleased now that its finally working

    I ordered a 3-axis camera gimbal from banggood as well as retractable landing gear

    The SD card is still corrupt after reformatting, so that and figuring out how to run the gimbal and landing gear via pwm from the pixhawk is next on the to-do list

    Thank you for all your help and patience

  • very well could be. Maybe set up a new model on your radio with everything on defaults and assign your switches and what not and then try to calibrate.

    fluffydust said:

    Sorry for the spam if you're still getting emails for this but I think i found something that could be the problem with the RC not calibrating... the channel trim value is lower than the lower limit... is this where the problems are coming from?

  • Man walks into a doctor's office and says "doctor, it hurts when i do this" Doctor says "Don't do this"

    There is no reason to pull the SD card out of the hawk. I have a few that have never once been pulled out of the hawk since the day I bought them.

    Do you have telemetry radios on it?

    if so you should use them for everything except for log downloads and firmware flashing really. If you don't get a pair or two.

    Reason are many, the least of which is it makes for a much easier and cleaner calibration since usb cables tend to keep you close to the PC and many other things that are big and metal and can generate EMF and cheap cables can transmit and even create that EMF right to your FC skewing your calibrations and it's MUCH easier to see what is causing a no arm issue when you can take it outside and try to arm it as mission planner will normally tell you what is keeping it from arming correctly.

    You should download the logs by just hooking up the hawk via usb and clicking connect and then on the main screen click on the dataflash logs tab and then use the download dataflash logs via mavlink button.


  • Sorry for the spam if you're still getting emails for this but I think i found something that could be the problem with the RC not calibrating... the channel trim value is lower than the lower limit... is this where the problems are coming from?


  • Reformatted the SD card with FAT32 (was checked by default) and the error message disappears... if i eject and replug into the computer, no error messages. Eject, put into pixhawk, power it, unpower, and plug into the computer... the SD card is corrupt again. Do i need to make files so that the pixhawk knows what to do with files it generates? Maybe it trying to put logs blindly onto the SD card is corrupting it?

    The flight modes are all set up to my knowledge and the flight mode switch cycles properly (picture) and still RC not calibrated issue persists 

    What i was thinking is maybe the channels that are not in use are giving the rc calibration troubles? Should i set them to 1500?

    Thank you so much for your help, i'm frustrated that it's still on the ground but i have a hunch a simple fix will get it in the air


  • none of that sounds good. But at long as you have it set to 131070 then your logging should be fine.

    Reformat the SD card again making sure it is FAT32. Use an app like HPUSBDisk.exe [google it]

    Do not pull the SD to get the logs, Connect usb and on the flight data screen dataflash logs tab download them there.

    Also you really should set up your flight modes else it will complain about RC not calibrated. And until it IS calibrated it is quite possible that the ESCS will not calibrate.

  • Advanced view is checked, parameter tree is no different. Plugged SD drive into computer to see if it was logging the attempts to calibrate esc's like in the video and the disk is corrupted and cannot be read. Also, in the calibration, when the USB is disconnected and i plug the battery in, the esc's do no chirp. 

  • try this


  • I don't have an option to open a LOG tree... and when i put in the 131070 value, wrote it, unplugged usb, replugged, connected mav, the value was set to 0... not sure whats going on. 


  • ESC Calibration

    Enable Logging


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