• Is there anyone out there using XBee's for telemetry who think that it would be a good idea to take the information typically displayed on video OSD's and feed the same info down to the APM Mission Planner so that the OSD in Mission Planner performs the same role?  I know this is stepping on Rambizi's toes (and all other video based OSD's) however it just seems to me that the same could potentially be done by feeding all the info via telemetry to the laptop and let the laptop overlay the info on the video feed.  Still need the electronics to read things like RSSI, current, voltage etc., however the APM board has enough inputs to cater to reading and relaying this information already.  Why would I want a video OSD which needs it's own GPS to do all this when the APM and XBee can potentially do the same?

  • Hi, there other options :

    1. use new DX8 or new DX7 with telemetry which has RSSI

    2. use Eagletree OSD or similar which allows you to feedback RSSI for your RX and for your video signal.


    I so not use Xbee  i have  no experience with it.


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