Realistic Constraints for a Delivery Drone

Hello all,

I'm trying to design a delivery drone with a maximum payload of 2 kg and a range of around 13km. I want to ask if these constraints are feasible ? If yes, can you link me to some of the designs that have already achieved this or somewhere close to this. 



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  • I think you need more context.  Should be technically realistic to design an airframe that can carry 2kg and range 13km.  Even as a heavy lift quad.  But you also have to consider other items such as policy/regulatory impacts:

    - Max allowable size/weight/speed

    - Requirements for Beyond Line of Sight

    - Requirements to overfly built-up areas and/or people property

    I have not followed the delivery drone news much as I don't think it's a technical problem, but more of a political/cultural/legal issue.  And, as a small business, I have to focus on what is doable within my budget.  In other words, I can not afford to burn through cash while I wait for a policymaker to make policy.  But Amazon and Google can.

    Setting the boring and messy context aside, I would think that you could look at any of the heavy lift rigs for dSLR/pro camera use as a start.  

  • hi Karan!

    i also have been thought the same concept of you. in my opinion, if you set the category of 2kg payload and 13km range,

    there is no differences with normal Hexacopter which can lift 3-4kg additionally. so i recommend you to consider

    some kind of hybrid pland(plane plus copter).

    rgds/Elon Yoon 

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