Edit: Unfortunately I never discovered the answer to my question. Pretty much stalled out after that.

I've started here (http://qgroundcontrol.org/dev/mavlink_arduino_integration_tutorial) and have read around the forums and had a few additional questions.

This tutorial seems to be about the MAVLink data being sent to a GCS. I do see the portion about receiving data, but I'm confused at how I'm going to connect the arduino to the UART on the APM. I want this arduino to be the GCS, meaning it simply receives a few parameters and posts them via serial...at least to start. Most also communicate via Xbee. Is it possible to communicate via wired connection? 

Am I on the right track in learning how to obtain MAVLink data from the APM to an arduino? Is there something that I'm missing?



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  • Hey all, here's the current way to do this with 3DR's current platform.


  • Hi Steve,
    I am also trying to get apm data via Arduino Uno. Hope you have figured it by now and could help me.
    • Hello i am currently working on the same problem has anyone found a solution. Thank you for your quick response

  • I'm thinking that I'll only have to connect wires between Tx and Rx on UART0 to Rx Tx on the arduino. Because both devices are separately powered at this moment, I won't have to connect wires between ground and 5v.

    • Hey Steve! 

      I'm trying to do the same thing but I'm a little bit lost. Did you managed to do it?


      • No I haven't figured it out yet. But I'm glad more people are wondering the same thing!

        • I'm trying to connect my arduino to APM via UART0 and then connect the arduino to Desktop to try to see some data but my effort was useless as only rubish appears and even mission planner only receives the heartbeat messages and then shutsdown the connection. 

          Hope somebody here can help! 

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