Hi all,

Ive just finished building a 1100mm 15 pound quadcopter with:

-24 inch props

-6215 kv170hv motors with 80A esc


-12s set up with 4x8A 6s batteries

Today I did the maiden flight and it lasted 15 seconds before it flipped and crashed.

I took off in loiter mode with 3D fix and the quad was shaking and wobling a lot before it flipped.

At first I thought Ive got 2 motors mixed up but I didnt, everything is set up correctly and props are spinning the right way.

Could wrong PIDs cause this woble and flip?

Im using the PIDs from a much smaller 750mm 15inch prop quad.

Please, I would appreciate it very much if someone could recommend the best PIDs for this rig.



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you can't just copy PID's from one thing to another, as I hope you learned.

nor can anybody here give you correct PID's except if they have exacty that setup, with same wight/balance/end ESC's.

Assuming you calibrated ESC's , you should have lifted it up a bit in stabilize, barely off ground, and if wobbly, reduced pids.

wild guess may be:

rate pitch/roll P,I = 0.08
rate pitch/roll D 0.004


Andre, thanks so much for your reply.

Please have a look at the video I uploaded in youtube from the crash.

I took off in loiter mode, I tried switching to stabilize but was too late.

Initially I thought Ive got a motor wrong or a plug up side down but everything was right which led me to think PIDs are the culprit.

I will try again starting from your suggested numbers and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again.

Hey Andre!

So I flew again today and it flew beautifully!!

I used the PIDs you suggested and also put the stabiliza pitch and roll on channel 6 in one of the dials in my Futaba with a 2 to 7 range...

trid 4 first and it wobbled, then 2 and it went nuts and then I cranked the dial to the max 7 and it was amazingly stable.

I will do a fine tunning this week and then try a to see how long it will fly for.

Anyway thanks for your help!


Great, I highly recommend that you try autotune, configured correctly, it does a better job than most users can do, if nothing else, will put you on the right track to a good tune.

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