Red Boxes - Mission Planner

I'm guessing this will be an easy one, but something I've obviously missed in a software update..

While say hovering a Copter in Guided mode a number of red line boxes appear on the Mission Planner Satellite Image which border the Copter's position. There are at times 3 or 4 of them and overlap but are also slightly rotated.

Can anyone help with this please?

I've now added a screenshot.

Red boxes.jpg

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  • That makes sense but that command wasn't given at that point of the Auto mission. Unless someone else comes up with something different it'll give me somewhere to start working it out. I'd have thought the square would have been elongated to account for camera angle based on altitude and Field of View. Thanks for your input.

  • Im not sure but when doing an Auto mission and given the CAM_TRIGG_DIST parameter, these red boxes are supposed to show the footprint of the image taken.

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