Is the motor shaft removeable on DIY Drones Motor AC2830-358, 850Kv? If so, how would I remove the shaft? I have slightly bent a shaft, and have an extra motor. I was hoping I could just replace the shaft without having to cut the wires to the ESC and solder the new motor.

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Yeah, you can order replacement shafts from rctimer. They also sell a new style prop adapter that bolts to the 2830, but you need to cut the shaft to fit it. I use a dremel tool to do that.


How do I remove the shaft from the motor?

Remove the circlip under the motor and pull the shaft up. The motor will come apart.

Undo the grub screw in the top of the motor housing and pull the shaft out. Might be a tight fit.

I just had to separate the motor to solder a broken wire lead, so yes the shaft is separable, the 1.5 mm grub screw must be loosened, and when refitting I would advise you to add some blue loctite on it.

Yeah, I bent 2 in a crash the other day myself... Here's the exact part I believe:

or it looks like you can by a suspiciously similar motor to the 3dr 850 for $8 less:

Hey Andy,

I think you meant to post this link :) :

The shafts you linked are only 31mm long and won't have enough clearance to pass all the way through the motor housing. 

The standard 3DR shafts are 45mm long. 

You are very correct...the 31mm ones are too short...found that out the hard way :-)

FWIW I purchased the ones from this link and they are the perfect length but unlike the picture do not have the groove for the clip :-(  Two purchases, many weeks of waiting, still I have bent shafts <mumbling to self under breath>

Cody - I had the same issue. I ordered 10 of the replacements and only 3 of them came through with the groove for the c-clamp. I reached out to rc-timer though and let them know the other 7 were incorrect and replacements are on the way.

I presume there was a bad batch made. May want to consider reaching out to them for a replacement .

Ahhh....that is good news...thanks for the intel!

Argghh!  No response...and now the link to the correct shaft does not work.  Does anyone else have a source for just the motor shafts?

I don't know if this would work, but is there any chance you could fabricate a suitable replacement from a piece of 3/8" music wire with a dremel?  Cutting the groove for the clip might be tricky, but I bet it could be done.

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