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It's new to me but excited to use code to control things that fly.


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Andy Theimer posted a discussion
I've been flying for a while but have not had much time of late so I left my APM 2.5, 2.9 firmware 3dr quad sitting on the shelf for several months.  I took it out to fly the other day and on doing my typical preflight I noticed that the quad wants…
Apr 4, 2014
Andy Theimer posted a discussion
I purchased a 3DR quad kit and APM 2.5 in April of 2012, built and flew on/off over the past year but have never had the time and persistance to go for fully autonomous flight.  Over the past weeks I've found the time to rebuild my quad *mostly*…
Aug 25, 2013
Andy Theimer replied to Miles Smith's discussion Noob Prop Type Question
"I feel your pain, I've been trying to learn the ins and outs o the props and power systems lately and its hard to ask intelligent questions(less likely to get answered).  I'll give you my conclusions thus far but I'd invite anyone to correct me as…"
Dec 21, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to Saurabh Srivastava's discussion Decend Rate - ArduCopter 2.8.1
"From what I've seen Sonar is a no-brainer $20 if you really want to auto-land..  Since I"ve added it RTL and auto-land have worked very well.  "
Dec 21, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to Wolfgang Alders's discussion How do I power the APM board from my battery?
"I ordered one of these a couple weeks ago, http://store.diydrones.com/APM_Power_Module_p/br-apmpwr.htm

Very happy with it, not only does it remove a potential fail-point it gives me battery monitoring in MP"
Dec 21, 2012
Andy Theimer posted a discussion
I'm flying a fairly stock 3DR quad, I had my first tree encounter. Too much time in simulator, and didn't uncheck the Simple mode checkbox so I I lost orientation... punched RTL but she clipped a tree branch on her way home.Anyways, it appears the…
Dec 2, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to Colin Sadler's discussion Where is the graph for sonar?
"I had telemetry connected for my flight and am also looking for the sonar graph to troubleshoot a loiter issue.
Based on what has been said, you can't graph sonar from a tlog file only from a log file downloaded from the APM correct?"
Nov 24, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to Jill's discussion Remove motor shaft on DIY Drones Motor AC2830-358, 850Kv
"Yeah, I bent 2 in a crash the other day myself... Here's the exact part I believe:
or it looks like you can by a suspiciously similar motor to the 3dr 850 for $8 less:…"
Nov 16, 2012
Andy Theimer commented on Dave Cervinka's blog post 4th flight with my quad
"I've been learning slowly as well, I've done about 15 cautious flights, today I successfully tested all of the auto-modes, and did some 'fast' and fun flying for the first time... Wouldn't ya know it my last flight of the day I lost orientation,…"
Nov 14, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to m00se's discussion Help with loiter
"I've also had this happen several times now, using apm 2.5 + 3dr quad w/ ublox and sonar.
Today when I tried loiter it worked much better - it wandered around for a good minute or so but did yo-yo up and down quite a bit.  I set loiter at ~ 10m it…"
Nov 10, 2012
Andy Theimer posted a discussion
My 3DR quad is using FrSky radio gear with a heavily modd'ed Turnigy 9x + er9x.  From everything that I've read this should mitigate the notorious and thread-inflating flyaway issues of the stock T9x.  That said my first "close-by" flights have gone…
Nov 6, 2012
Andy Theimer posted a blog post
After numerous bench tests, re calibrations, and more bench tests I was finally brave enough to take my 3DR quad out for it's first flight -albeit tethered.  I did some initial outdoor ground testing in which I brought the throttle up to the point…
Nov 3, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to Andy Theimer's discussion HOW TO: Windows 8 Mission Planner / Arduino Drivers
"Almost no effect on my day-to-day and I run a software company so lots of Office usage, Netbeans, local dev webserver and no issues.  I just ignore the new homescreen for now it's not really an issue.  It probably helps if you're used to launching…"
Oct 31, 2012
Andy Theimer posted a discussion
Made the upgrade to Window 8 Pro this weekend.  All things considered I have noticed a good speed increase over Windows 7.  No major issues except when I plugged my quad into the USB port Mission Planner couldn't find it. So....After a bit of…
Oct 30, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to David Anders's discussion Connecting RX and APM - Quadcopter
"Here's the cable I used, yes it did not come with my 3dr kit either:

Also, I decided to pre-empt any more waiting and bought a few of these:…"
Oct 29, 2012
Andy Theimer replied to jjohow's discussion Copter does not hold altitude on 50% throttle
"Flew my 3DR quad for the first time un-tethered today and experienced a "slightly" similar occurrence.  I will preface this by saying that I did have a Curve on the throttle to keep things in control but I noticed that if I started to descend (lower…"
Oct 29, 2012