Right now, I've got my battery hooked up to my PDB with a deans connector.  Then, I attach the red and black wires running off the center of my PDB to the APM, in the output space.  This does nothing.  Isn't it supposed to make my APM light up and turn on?  I know the APM works, because I can power it using a USB.  But powering it with a battery is throwing me.  Any help?


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Make sure that JP1 is installed.

My APM board looks different than that.  I plugged the JP1 in and it still doesn't work.

You need a 5v voltage regulator between the battery and APM. The red and black wires coming out of the PDB are meant to be the output from a voltage reg. Some people use the voltage reg built into a lot of ESCs (not a good solution, in my opinion). Are your red and black wires coming from PDB hooked up to anything?

Use sth. like this UBEC to regulate your 3S/4S Lipo voltage down to +5V:


I am using this model for two years now. No problems....

If you use a BEC and you plan on using servos later for say a camera gimbal, make sure your BEC is at least 3 AMPs. I used a 1.5 AMP and crashed after adding servos for my camera.

I ordered one of these a couple weeks ago, http://store.diydrones.com/APM_Power_Module_p/br-apmpwr.htm

Very happy with it, not only does it remove a potential fail-point it gives me battery monitoring in MP

Which APM do you have?

So this seems to be the problem.  So I plug the red and black wires into the voltage regulator, which I then plug into my APM?

No, there should be 5v coming out of the red and black wires, this goes into your APM. Are you using a 3dr PDB?

Yes, a 3dr PDB.

Wait, what does the 5v look like?  My black and red wires have a small black female head on them, that's it.  The other end is stripped, and I soldered it to my PDB.  I just assumed that you plug the female head of the black and red wires into the APM, but I guess I need a voltage regulator in between?

Allright.  Anything else you can think of that I might need, that doesn't come with the 3dr hexa "Full Kit" but is still essential to flying the UAV?  Besides batteries, transmitter/receiver, sonar, battery charger, and this power module thing now...

Sorry for the confusion in my first response. 

The red and black wires, feeding power to the APM, are getting this power from a voltage reg built into your ESCs. You need to have all the wires of your ESCs connected to PDB. Look at page 13 and 14 of the pdf manual.

Link found just after the description on product page

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