How do I power the APM board from my battery?

Right now, I've got my battery hooked up to my PDB with a deans connector.  Then, I attach the red and black wires running off the center of my PDB to the APM, in the output space.  This does nothing.  Isn't it supposed to make my APM light up and turn on?  I know the APM works, because I can power it using a USB.  But powering it with a battery is throwing me.  Any help?


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  • I ordered one of these a couple weeks ago,

    Very happy with it, not only does it remove a potential fail-point it gives me battery monitoring in MP

  • T3
    If you use a BEC and you plan on using servos later for say a camera gimbal, make sure your BEC is at least 3 AMPs. I used a 1.5 AMP and crashed after adding servos for my camera.
  • Use sth. like this UBEC to regulate your 3S/4S Lipo voltage down to +5V:

    I am using this model for two years now. No problems....

  • You need a 5v voltage regulator between the battery and APM. The red and black wires coming out of the PDB are meant to be the output from a voltage reg. Some people use the voltage reg built into a lot of ESCs (not a good solution, in my opinion). Are your red and black wires coming from PDB hooked up to anything?

  • Make sure that JP1 is installed.


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