For those of you looking for a relatively inexpensive OSD you might want to consider the remzibi OSD.
There is a thread on RCGroups that fully documents the remzibi OSD and it can be found here:

HappyKillmore has integrated the remzibi OSD with the Ardupilot and that thread on RCGroups can be found here:

There have been some problems using the GPS that comes with the remzibi OSD with the Ardupilot, but Jordi and Happy are working on a solution.


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Thanks for the vote of confidence Thomas!!!!
I just got one! works great! 5Hz 38400 baud GPS and all!

Thanks !

I also shared the RX of the GPS with a NewSoftSerial port on an arduino at the same time. ((set the _NewSS_MAX_RX_BUFF to 256 in NewSoftSerial.h to get correct GGA and FMC NMEA sentences used by Remizbi OSD)) (thanks M Luckham)
did you get this working with the gps plugged into arduino board, or was the gps plugged directly into remzibi?
Both ways work well actually. The remzibi sets up the GPS nicely, so i prefer to do it that way and just solder a single wire to the remzibi board at the gps's TX wire location. Then run that to the RX you set up on the arduino board
So it requires a singal gps for both ardu telemetry and osd?
the remzibi board definitely requires GPS. If you wanted GPS integrated into the positioning system (arduino), you can share the same GPS hooked to the remzibi board. All depends what your setup is.
Is it very complicated to share the same gps with both remzibi board and APM for telemetry?

Any help is appreciated as I'm trying to decide which OSD to purchase, but I don't want dual gps!
Very easy, as long as you can solder a single wire between them :)
The Remzibi OSD comes with a GPS unit. I have two different Arduino boards with hardware and software serial ports - i have had no issues with GPS sharing. Does that answer your question?

((the APM is arduino mega based, as i understand))
@Andy, what wire? Can you elaborate? I appreciate it! I have the mediatek

Also, I think there is a special firmware for remzibi which was designed for ardupilot. I dont think its finished for mega yet but do you know if this will take additional information or not? Like using all the info from mega to determine a more exact position etc? If not just using a single GPS would be great for now!

does this help illustrate? (i know its pretty lame but i dont have anything good installed currently)
Very nice illustration for what youre working with hehe. Will this require additional programming to tell ardupilot-mega to output to remzibi?

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