Having successfully reflashed the escs ( much smoother by the way) the original problem which put me on this path remains. Basically, As i lift off, the quad spins and as soon as it makes one or two hops, it seems to jar its brain and then flies in a directed and far more oriented manner that resembles controllable. What could this be?

Setup: Stock everything with 4-12 x 3.8


Also I seem to get caught in a loop with the newer planner when trying to graph, as the connection demands the mavlink version 1 despite it being the 1.0 version already and cannot create a graph. Any thoughts?


tLogs are attached if thats helpful

TIA Bart

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Have you set your compass declination and calibrated it with a live calibration?

I have, and down to 5 decimal places.

Also have gone over the posts here like the freakin zapruder film to get past the learning curve. There are  consistantly other issues as well, like never a smooth liftoff unless i really throttle it up at the same time as its spinning. Enough to drive a guy batty. IM sure its something Im not hip to in the setup though as a newb i cant be sure of whats a normal behaviour or some totally abnormal thing. I can get a little ways if i throw it into loiter mode, but otherwise i cant seem to keep it level or hovering real well or consistantly

My guess is that your frame/motors/something is bent, causing a yaw tendency, and it takes a bit of time for the controller to figure it out.  But it's hard to say for sure, I'd need to see the flash log with PID enabled and set to the yaw controller.

I quad with a crooked motor will Yaw uncontrollably.


Thats entirely possible i suppose. Fwiw the behaviour was there from the first liftoff attempt, and visually everything appears to be square, so it cant be off by much. I actually rebuilt the motor mounts from the get-go as using only 2 screws bent the motor casing which in turn caused shaft binding which was obviously going to create problems.

Hi guys...would that not be visually apparent? how much would be enough to cause it do you think? And why would it suddenly perform better after bouncing off the ground? I realize the apm accounts for things, but wouldnt it do it more gradually?

As far as weight distribution, nothing is really off from stock save for the receiver which only weighs 1.3 grams.

Would it help to have a video or pictures?


Pardon the stench of newbness, but how do i set up the APM to log this? I can t locate anything in the planner to do so. ( this is just hand flying missions so far)

i am using the newest rev of both firmware and planner with the mavlink 1.0

You need to go into the CLI to modify what you are logging.  So you want to turn PID logging on, and make sure ATT is on as well.

Then, to actually log the yaw PID data, you need to set Ch6 tuning to Yaw_Rate_P.  Don't actually change your Rate P value....  just need to set it to that so that it will log.  That's how the PID logging works.

So, that's about it.

Well, it does correct it gradually, it might just have taken a bit of time (bounces...) to do it?  It's just my guess, without having any logs.

awesome- thanks so much- info is a bit tough to find around here. ill post up a log when i can actually fly it again- busted props and whatnot from the repeated hard landings and abortive takoffs with a full gainer and triple lindy.

Potentially stupid question: how long should the process of downloading logs take? Im starting to think theres something seriously wrong with this APM as its taking hours to download logs, and spits out garbage in the CLI..

MOF here's output from the CLI. ( these are ALL of the characters... )

NTER3 tmes or LI

opter V2.6] U/VWXYZ[!\]L^rq_


hw Invalid command, type 'help' ArduCopter V2.6] Lsogs Inalid ommad, tpe 'elp' ArduopterV2.6 !}a/BBB_+B~BBCB,)B|BgBDB:EBB_B( M Invalid comand, type 'elp' AduCoter 2.6 g .-P @^~p<BN#2L {!"]#E#$S%(-&' nvlid comand, ype 'elp' rduCoter V2.] UBXVBBMFXYZ[!\]L^rq_`abc*`d nvalid ommand, tye 'hlp' ArduCoter V.6]Ls!}a/B|ou=KC3&M/Q(E{!_Hhv%fBBW M nvalid cmmand, tpe 'elp' rduopte V2.] g .-P @^~p<BN#2L {!"]#E#$S%(-&' 2 rvaid cmman, tye 'elp' rduCopterV2.6 Ls!}a/B|ou=KC3&M/Q(E{!_Hhv%f+zx nvalid ommand, tye 'hlp' ArduCpterV2.6 g .-P @^~p<BN#2L {!"]#E#$S%(-&'

Are random characters prints a normal occurance or am i looking at a screwy APM? Again, newb to the microcontroller arena here

Thanks for your help!



Yeesh, I dunno, but I don't thing you should be seeing that.  Are you downloading the logs through the CLI, or are you using the GUI in MP?  I use the GUI, it's easy, and I never see anything like that.  It definitely shouldn't take "hours".  Maybe 15 minutes or something like that.

You might need to try completely erasing the flash and trying again.

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