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Does anyone have any experience with RTK systems? We're trying to perform surveying with 1 centimeter accuracy without having to set up multiple GCPs.

Some examples are the Swift Nav Piksi or the Septentrio AsteRx-m UAS.

If you have experience with any RTK systems integrated into your setup, let me know, I would love to hear some firsthand accounts or find any others that I may have overlooked.



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  • Maybe you can try the i-rtk .We use the u-blox receiver to develop a low cost but high reliable (which output the rtk data and ublox data at the same time).And by use the Multi_satellite system ,the fix time is usually 2 min.(by the good ant),U can visit our web(www.i-rtk.com) for news.And we want to provide some board for DIYs to test the system,So ,if you are interesting in it ,please leave you message in the page.

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      • Im very interested, im trying to find a good and reliable system like this a very long time ago...

        The plan is to monitor the forests (for fire) automatically from time to time, the quad must go, make some flies and then return to home. This must be done the most autonumous possible.

        Some videos i made


        • the plan go to the forests to put out a fire?Or just check the fire?For our board need 2 minite to initial.Before initialnation complete, it can output a NMEA data and a float solution whick only 0.5m accuracy.Maybe you need a test on you plan.We will provide some board now ,please leave you infomation to us.

          • Just to check for fires and send images using a Raspberry PI Zero.

            How can i send my information? Best Regards

            • You can send your infomation to :hellozwy@hotmail.com, Or leave your message in the web form:www.i-rtk.com.

              • Yeah, looks interesting. Could you provide some more details like pricing? 

                • now we want to provide some board for DIYs to test.So maybe you will only need to pay for the ant.If the board is good for ererywhere,we will provide some to you.The price will be lower than all the others.It up to the order of customers.

                  • Great...i am interested too..

        • I am currently building a hat for the raspberry pi zero with an NV08C-CSM and transceiver. Running RTKLib this should have sub 10cm accuracy. Currently waiting for first three prototype boards. Will post on DIY drones if it works.

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