RTL - Maximum Return Altitude


According to Czech Republic laws drones has special restrictions for RTL.

One really important restriction is that RTL can not be used higher than 120 metres AGL.

When you fly drone above 120m and then you deploy RTL, drone should descent minimally to 120 metres AGL and then continue flying home.

I'd like to ask developers, if it will be possible to implement this feature into ArduCopter code.

All Czech Rep. pilots need RTL Max altitude parametr...

Thank you very much!

Adam Hubalovsky


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  • I am pretty sure RTL climb to is limited to 80 meters as it doesnt let me set anything higher than that...

    • No, it will continue at 150metres. http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/rtl-mode/
      • Yeah and that's the problem! I need it to descend lower that 120metres.

        According to Czech Laws is illegal to use RTL higher than 120 metres AGL... :(

    • OK But what does happen when I am flying in 150metres and then I press RTL? Does it descend to 80 metres?

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