Run Away Drone

Hi All,

I was wondering what is everyone doing to avoind loosing a run away drone? How do you track it down?

Like DIY Drones or DJI Phantom.

My Phantom was running away and disappearing in the bush far away and I was lucky I got it back in time. How do you find it in case like that?



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  • If you use telemetry remember to set the "Change speed" to zero and got to manual mode before you start searching for your aircraft! Otherwise your aircraft will be lying with a prop trying to move and your battery will empty very fast. Worst case your ESC or engine will fire upp and make fire to the surroundings. I actually lost my plane yesterday and recovered it my using it's lat/lon very easy. The plane was alomost 4km away from me. First thing was to set speed to zero and then manual mode.

  • T3
    Install a telemetry modem so when it flys away you have a log of where it went.
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