• I keep getting not found...any ideas?

              • Hi Randy,

                I use this command in the ArduCopter directory, (../Tools/autotest/ build.ArduCopter fly.ArduCopter logs.ArduCopter --map) but there is a fail says "bind failed on port 5760 -Address already in use"

                Will you pls give me some suggestion? Thanks in advance.

                Here are some pics while I'm running.3702898106?profile=original

                • Hi Terry, have you solved this error? thanks. I have your problem.

  • I have been trying to get SITL up and running the last 2 days.
    i have tried to follow the guide in the dev wiki for sitl on windows and sitl on linux

    i have had some trouble understanding how the system works. the wiki doesn't say much about how SITL works it's just a step by step guide that assumes that everything just works.

    Well i have run in to some issues:
    -The paths that are in the wiki don't work since MAVproxy was not installed in home directory,
    so i had to change the path to:
    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/MAVProxy
    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pymavlink/examples
    (And .bashrc is hidden by default in ubuntu)
    Then i had difficulties with windows line endings. so i had to figure that out.
    i figured out that i could not add to sim but had to use insted to get missionplanner in windows host system to connect.
    i also had some other problems that i can't remember right now.

    Anyways.... i now have SITL running with:
    " -L AVC_copter --console --aircraft test --out=" (in ArduCopter directory)

    i can connect with APMPlanner2 in the VM and i also have a connection with MAVProxy on windows and Mission planner on windows.

    my problem now is that the copter starts at gps pos 0,0

    [b]what is the issue here? i have supplied -L AVC Copter but it still starts at the middle of the sea?[/b]

    i would like to be able to fly the copter using these commands in MAVproxy:
    -param set ARMING_CHECK 0
    -arm throttle
    -rc 3 1600 (take of in stabilize mode)
    -rc 3 1500 Hoover in position in loiter mode.
    -land (witch would land in the current position)

    i have tested this when the copter is at gps o,0 middle of the ocean but it doesn't respond to all the commands. APM Planner says no 3D-Lock

    [b]why isn't the copter geting GPS 3D-Lock?[/b]

    when i get this up and running i'll go trough the dev wiki page and add what i have learned as a first timer using SITL.

    • I got it running by changing "nice" in to "python"
      where does "nice" come from?

    • can't help you further, sorry, but you can try to use one of the other two SITL programs... I used

  • Can you copy a windows equivalent of "cmd->ipconfig/all"  here?

    Is the SITL running on your ubuntu computer or another one?


    • I got it working by adding --out instead of using viewerip=

  • I'm trying to set up SITL, but I already have problems in step #1.3 : first, when configuring the hardware I get a warning:

    "powering on the virtual machine will fail because it is configured to use more virtual processor cores than the host supports"

    when trying to make the number of cores "4".

    Second, there is no "Hard Disk (SCSI)"  in the list... :-(

    What should I do?

    Maybe already some questions in advance

    1) step #3.2: "where the ardupilot software is installed", do you meen the ArduCopter folder that holds ArduCopter.pde etc.?
    2) step "connecting with missionplanner: should you start MissionPlanner on Windows while SITL is running on the Ubuntu VM? Or should you install MissionPlanner seperately on the Ubuntu VM as well?

    Thanks, Menno

    • Developer


           MP should be running on your windows machine.

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