Rx Data From Multiple XBee's

Hey guys, i'm just wondering how one would Rx Data from 2 or more Xbee modules, you could think of it as 1 gound station tracking multiple UAV's. I've got no problem tracking 1 xbee module. I have not tried more than 1 yet. Just posing the question ahead of time. Thanks

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  • Using X-CTU, select Modem Configuration tab and Read Modem Parameters and Firmware:
    (appropriate disclaimer goes here ; )
    Ground Unit - set your MY - 16-bit Source Address (Networking & Security) to FF, and set API Enable to 1 (Serial Interfacing)
    Mobile Units - using this example, set your Destination Address Low (DL) to FF (and DH to 0), then your MY - 16-bit Source Address to, say 1, 2, 3... (vehicle 1, vehicle 2, etc)

    You can play with the PAN ID of each with separate ground XBee's to get a single vehicle OFF this "network", like if a single vehicle is in a separate test while others are functioning with the ground unit, otherwise you'll get cross-talk.

    Come to think of it, you can see how simple it is from this example. But, like hamadivo says, See XBee Specs!

    Good luck.
  • Hi, you have 2 mode in XBee protocol : Unicast and Braodcast, so you should use the last one.
    therefore, a modified configuration (registry) is necessary! See Xbee Specs.
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