I am wondering if there are any safety features that are built into the code that for example would prevent the mMotor from running if return to home or one of the other auto modes is accidently triggered while the plane is on the ground??


for example I use an eagle tree OSD on another plane that checks speed and altitude and disable RTH if the altitude is below a set value and the speed is near zero?




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As far as I know, if throttle is zero, RTL, etc. won't spool up the motors.

If you throttle-up though, it's going to try to fly.

I'm currently working with this feature. Currently proposed rule set is following:

/* Disable throttle if following conditions are met:
     * 1 - We are in Circle mode (which we use for short term failsafe), or in FBW-B or higher
     *         AND
     *     2 - Our reported altitude is within X of the home altitude.
     *     3 - Our reported speed is under 5 meters per second.
     *         OR
     *     4 - Home location is not set

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