SAR drone in flight failure - analysis needed.

Download the logs here (27megs) and help yourself to the pics that were recovered, you are looking for the body of a missing woman named Cristina Morris.

All information needed is in the logs.  There are two flights, one very short and one that lasts until it falls out of the sky. 

I don't want to say anything about what was seen as it tends to influence opinions and what I'm looking for is which component failed in flight.

This occurred while over water at an altitude of approx 250 ft. 

I've looked them over and I don't think I know enough to see what failed.

I have dissected the UAV.  The ESC is completely fried, the power module smells of burnt electronics but that could be from proximity to the ESC.  Again, nothing conclusive, I need the log data to show me what went wrong.

I REALLY need to know, the parents are waiting to find her and I feel AWFUL about the crash.

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  • the simultaneous  loss of control in both pitch and roll axis suggests a defective control surface/servo/loose link etc.

    you can see

    Elevon with only two servos isn't exactly a reliable solution.

    How come S100 kept shooting ? - it was wet but not submerged.

    • Thanks for the reply!  I've been recovering from surgery so I'm just now able to get myself out of the recliner.  It looked very much like a mechanical failure of the servo links but the servo links checked out very sturdy!  Nothing pulled or mangled or loose.  I just double checked the servos, no gear stripped and it sounds correct with nothing loose.

      The s100 was indeed wet but due to how high up in the plane it was it was able to not get submerged past a little bit of splashing.  I was VERY surprised to hear it click when I picked it up.  Just about everything else is fried. 

      Please keep digging

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