Sbus Support

Can I just plus Sbus in like PPM and it will work? That’s the way it is on my pixhawk.

If not will future firmware updates have this feature?

I am converting everything to Sbus using Futaba Telemetry Receivers that work with my new 14SG radio.





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  • If you are tying this on APM, it won't work. There is no sbus support on APM 2.x

    What Paul Phillips explained above is for CPPM (ppm sum) connection. You may get CPPM from your Futaba sbus Rx but you will need a s-bus to CPPM converter like this

    It is a very affordable device and it works. I used that with my Futaba 3-channel R6303sb Rx. So if you use this converter between APM and Futaba Rx, plug it into APM's Ch1 and jumper the signal pins on ch2 and ch3 of APM, it will work.

    You cannot plug an sbus into APM directly.

    • You are wrong. I flew my APM hexa today with my sbus converted APM and it Works great :)

      Just followed this instructions and voila :)

      • Tommy, I checked the youtube link you posted. I wasn't aware of this new ppm encoder. Can you tell me who created this ppm encoder? Is it supported by 3DR? I just don't want to install a hex code into my APM if I am not sure of the source of it.


        • It's not a PPM Encoder. It's a sbus Encoder. As far as i've heard it made by some russian guy. It Works fine on mye APM :)

  • please have a look here.

    Nice and smart solution



  • I converted my APM 2.6 to sbus support and it work great :)

  • Plug the SBus into ch1 and jumper ch2 & 3. Details are in the APM wiki.
    • I cannot find this info on APM wiki.  can you send a link.  Thanks

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