I am having extreme difficulty configuring our Gryphon X8 using a new pixhawk. I recently had to replace the flight controller and ran into difficulty getting the motors to spin up upon arming. This has been an ongoing battle... 

I am using QGroundControl because I have a Mac... 

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for what to set the airframe type to as the default to build from for custom X8 platforms?
  • I have set all flight modes to stabilize because it is my understanding that this is required for takeoff..? However, when plugging in to USB the aircraft defaults to manual even when the transmitter is on. It takes flipping the switch to get it to stabilize. 
  • All of my throttle values are being read by the ppm encoder (increasing blink frequency) and displayed appropriately in the radio setup.
  • Process Flow:
    • Turn on transmitter
    • Plug in battery to power up UAV
    • Throbbing blue light on pixhawk after initiation
    • Wait for GPS acquisition = double beeps when GPS acquired
    • Throbbing Green LED
    • Arming button (safety) is slowly blinking red
    • Push (Hold down) arming button and the ESC's begin to beep and I get a continuous double flash from the arming button
      • (still throbbing green LED on pixhawk)
    • Arm using transmitter w/ throttle stick down and right -> 
      • Long typical arming tone 
      • LED turns solid Green
      • Arming button turns solid red
      • ESC's continue to beep
    • Throttle up and nothing happens

What the heck is going on here!!!??? The arming stuff seems strange. I may be going crazy but I don't remember the safety switch going red (only) after I arm the transmitter when flying other platforms. 

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