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Mountain Drones Inc.

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High elevation flight using multirotor and fixed wing platforms. I build "apps" for drones and view them as versatile platforms capable of delivering solutions that would otherwise be impossible. My vision is to harness the power of drone technology to revolutionize the way we collect, analyze, and transmit data on a global scale.


Telluride, CO

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Robert Blank replied to Paddy Dangerfield's discussion Hydrographic surveying
"Hi David (and Paddy) - 
Nice setup! Great point - Of course, you can strap sonar to anything that floats and use pixhawk as a control system. I'm sure it works fantastically for general assessments. I guess it depends on who your client is and what…"
Aug 15, 2016
Robert Blank replied to Paddy Dangerfield's discussion Hydrographic surveying
"Hi Paddy - 
As much as I want to give you aerial options.. I would rather save you some time! Our team has done months of research on this topic doing water supply assessments based on snowmelt and reservoir volume. 
The short answer is no -…"
Aug 14, 2016
Robert Blank posted a discussion
I am having extreme difficulty configuring our Gryphon X8 using a new pixhawk. I recently had to replace the flight controller and ran into difficulty getting the motors to spin up upon arming. This has been an ongoing battle... I am using…
Aug 14, 2016
Robert Blank replied to Josh K's discussion Where to start?
"Josh - just stumbled across your post and wanted to share a little bit on some of the work we are doing with drones as it relates to backcountry skiing:
Mountain Drones Inc. is focused on ski safety and snowpack monitoring to predict water supply.…"
Oct 21, 2015
Robert Blank replied to Robert Blank's discussion Amp Draw Calc for LARGE X8 (Pre-Flight) Need an Attopilot?
"Thank you for your response Rob.
To clarify, my main goal is to ensure that I will not burn out my PixHawk with 22.2V coming into the power module. I'm not 100% clear as to what the capacity of the stock voltage regulator is and how this will…"
Jul 14, 2015
Robert Blank posted a discussion
Hi,I am currently trying to determine the anticipated amperage draw for a large X8 platform that our team is using to carry a ~10lb sensor for use in the field of snow science and hydrology. It has (fortunately) come to my attention that we need to…
Jul 14, 2015