Schematic / Diagram - for Ardupilot APM Ritewing flying wing

I made this because it could have helped me when I was building, maybe it can help you.

Check it out, any comments are appreciated. If I can make it better or you use it, let me know!

Large version here:

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Hi, that looks just about right to me. I would do it the same way.

Do test if the FPV transmitter or the telemetry radio affect GPS reception before flying. I had a case where a 433 MHz 3DR radio pretty much blocked all GPS on an APM2.0. With the UBlox GPS, there seems to be no problems however.



Hi Soren

That's why I use 900Mhz for the telemetry, but if you are in Europe that may not be an option for you because 900 is used for cellular.

The reason you had issues with 433MHz for telemetry is that 433's 3rd harmonic lands right on the GPS frequencies. 433 x 3 = 1299MHz. GPS uses 1227.6MHz. 

You might be able to work around this by using Notch Filters or Bandpass Filters.

My Rangelink 433Mhz doesn't affect the GPS, I'm using the must have decent internal filters and processing.

Thanks for the comment!



Yep agree. The 3DR radios don't impress me at all. Poor connectivity and lots of harmonic interference.

I had a RangeLink recently too. That does impress. I did a ground test - at 3 km range where the radio waves had to go through or around a massive apartment block, around a hill crest and through a forest - I still had signal.

I don't know whether RangeLink will jam a stupid GPS or not .. not too much of a concern either, as the GPS is supposed to leave and the RangeLink tx to stay..



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