Scratchbuilt twin boom

Since the twin booms seem to be the way to go, and I was wanting a payload plane anyway, I decided to build a twin boom.  This is 100% scratchbuilt, even the wing.   I gave it an RC only maiden flight this morning, and it flew like a dream.  Highly stable.  I do plan on adding rudders though, as I want to do some AP work, and require flat turns.  It has a 60" KFm3 airfoil.  The fuse is 5" square (about) on the outside and big enough on the inside to stick my arm in it. The nose has a removable EPP foam panel, I will replace with clear plastic for FPV/AP runs.

Boom Box angle.JPG

Box from below.JPG

Box flying.JPG

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  • what did you use to design this plane? did you use a software or did you do it the old fashioned way (paper and pencil)
  • WOW! i really like your plane design. how much payload can it carry? can you upload a pdf file containing a schematic of it? i'd like to build it myself and modify it some.
  • nice plane you have built.
    what is your measure of the wing?
    wing chord and aileron size?
    and how long is the body?
    and how long is the boom?
    thanks in advance
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