screws too short for 3DR APM 2.5 case

bought this and it arrived super quick, but the screws that come with the case are not long enough. It comes with 8 screws.... 4 x identical very short and fat screws, 3 x thin screws 1 x longer thin screw. 

The thin screws are obviously the ones that are used to keep the 2 halves of the case together and go into the case from the top as seen in the picture... not sure what the other 4 fat screws are for nor the 4 x rubber grommets.
I simply can't get this case to screw closed.
any ideas?

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  • Duct tape. Easily removable and can be re-used many times. You can write 3DR on it if you want it to look factory.

  • @Chris

    I would recommend that you hot glue along the joint between the top and bottom halves of the casing. The glue will keep things together and if you ever need to get inside its easier enuff to remove using your fingernail or some other soft plastic like a credit card.

    Ive personally found that after numerous unscrew and screwing back, the plastic no longer holds the right screws. As stated above, i use hotglue it does the job.

  • I have some incredibly exciting news!

    We finally received the order of longer screws for the APM cases. 

    Please send me an email directly and I will mail you a set of longer screws.

    I apologize once again for all the trouble you have gone through.



  • I will say it again, we have longer screws coming and will send them to those who need them. The hot glue is not meant to attach the case together, but merely to add support in the part of the screw boss that is stripped. The video shows that the current screws do work, that being said, I have stripped them out on occasion, especially the top pin case (that is why I know that the hot glue works). It is also how I discovered that is important to squeeze the cases together with your hand while you insert the screws. It looks like there was a bad batch of cases that have been causing all the troubles.

    The goal here is to fix this issue for people who have been frustrated by it. I'm just now coming into this discussion, I understand why people are frustrated, but all I can do is offer assistance in fixing your problem I'm not sure what more can I say? If you need longer screws, we will get you some.

  • This is just hilarious. I started this thread nearly a year ago, and since then I've had a steady flow of "X has replied to your discussion" in my inbox.

    I find it beyond belief that this is still happening.

    as for "don't overtighten the screws" or "you've stripped the thread" etc... GET REAL!!

    People are telling you that the screws are too short to even reach the plastic in the lower portion of the case, people are showing you pictures in high resolution of these screws being TOO SHORT!

    Heck, the title of this thread is "Screws too short..." which means that people are being directed here by search engines because they're typing in "screws too short for apm case" or similar.

    What part of that do you not understand. THE SCREWS ARE TOO SHORT.

    I commented that I raised the issue with the UK supplier of this case, they in turn sourced longer screws that worked perfectly, no stripped threads, no cracked case, no overtightening. So why the relentless mission to dismiss what we're all telling you as "they're all stupid and are stripping the threads"?

    We're not, otherwise we'd be on the "Oh no! I stripped the threads on my apm case" discussion.

  • Here is a short video illustrating the successful installation of case screw. The most important thing is not over tightening these screws screws. You will strip out the plastic threads if you go even a fraction of a turn too far. Just thread them in enough to close the case halves together.

  • Add me to the list ...

    I bought mine from a local import, it was the preassembled version. 
    I already lost one screw before I was even aware of the problem.

    I unscrewed the other screws to determine the correct length for a replacement screw and found out that now NONE of them would get a grip anymore...

    Not quite what you expect given the price tag ...

  • Mark me up as another recipient of "too short screws". Luckily I had some screws which did the job. The resin is just fine - my screws purchased ok, and remain tight.

    It should be noted this was a TOP ENTRY case. Don't know if others have different cases or not.


    So far I have placed 6 orders with 3DR. Since I will now include my order of cases in the "defect" list, it now means only 2 have delivered products on time, in the correct quantities and actually work. It wouldn't be so bad if the postage was reasonable, but as an international customer, I pay a massive amount both for original delivery and to RMA dead stuff. 

    I now dread having to order something from them.

  • I just found this thread. I thought it was just me. I could not get the case screwed closed the screws just spun. I have had other small plastic products that came apart with small screws and the case got stripped taking the screws OUT. Sometimes you need to apply such force to the screwdriver to avoid slipping that it keeps the screw from walking up and out and only spins and strips the hole. But after reading this thread clearly the screws were too short as well. Anyway I just used some tape and went flying.

  • Up until recently this case was my only option, but now I see that HobbyKing is offering a case that looks far superior than the 3DR ( when in stock again).  Its for their HKPilot Mega V2.5 which I believe is a clone of the APM 2.5.

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