Lets all stick together please sign this petition..


Lets nip this in the bud before it spreads...


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  • Done!

  • Did my part.  My letter is on the way.

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  • I was just reading about drones and the d-word. Watched rcmodelrewiev latest tube video. And then I looked at the top of thease pages - DIY DRONES. Hmmm... Could very well be the topic of this year. Let's unite. It's hard to be a recrational RC-pilot with love for FPV flight. Chears!

  • Say is this also posted on RCGroups and FPVLabs?

  • Isn't the airspace arguably the dominion of the FAA?

    Meaning states can not pass laws like this?

  • Seems to me like there are some bigger issues to deal with in the  US than this, but sadly, when politicians want to look important and decisive they resort to this kind of stuff,

    Is it helpful or not helpful for non US citizens to sign the petition?

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