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Clayton Smith posted a discussion
I'm looking for a long linear actuator so I can translate a camera from inboard to outboard on a wing.  Something longer and larger than these little servos on the corsair would work... but I don't see anything online. These are about all I've found…
Dec 20, 2013
Clayton Smith commented on Chris Anderson's blog post FAA officially permits drone use by farmers
Dec 3, 2013
Clayton Smith posted a discussion
Hello,Just noticed that in Mission Planner version 1.2.76 the Log Download function doesn't seem to work.  I downgraded to 1.2.75 and it works fine.https://github.com/diydrones/MissionPlanner/issues/163Thanks,Clayton Smith
Sep 11, 2013
Clayton Smith replied to Bill McDevitt's discussion Is WAAS (SBAS) enabled in U-Blox LEA-6H GPS?
"I'm not sure - but I've been wondering as well."
Aug 3, 2013
Clayton Smith replied to Brian Mahaney's discussion Suicidal APM 2.0
"I've had things like this happen before and it's always my fault. Usually a matter of incorrect trimming or more likely the ardupilot has one or more control surfaces directions reversed. Check it on the ground (nice and level) in manual mode first.…"
Jun 9, 2013
Clayton Smith replied to Andy's discussion Microsoft Visual and new ArduPlane code in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
"I'm soooo glad I stumbled across this finally.  I basically gave up on using VS and visual micro in early May because I thought I had screwed up something."
Jun 9, 2013
Clayton Smith replied to Ty's discussion APM in a Cessna 182?
"The APM will fly your Cessna fine. If you've got a bunch of hours you'll be fine. Most likely way you destroy it is not checking control surface deflections or something. I'm sure you'll be fine. Have fun!"
Jun 8, 2013
Clayton Smith replied to Todd Graham's discussion Ground altitude not zero in ArduPlane - GPS
"I'm an arduplane user and just thought that was normal. I was always confused but figured I was missing something. I probably still am - all I know is that when I toggle the button for "set alt = 0" in mission planner I wonder what that affects in…"
May 30, 2013
Clayton Smith replied to Dean Wynton's discussion Senate Bill 71 Oregon wants to outlaw drones... Sign the petition against this stupidity
Apr 11, 2013
Clayton Smith commented on AVS's blog post How To Create APM Wall Charts (ArduPilot Diagram)
"Hello @Tim, could you post some updated charts for ardupilot 2.7?  It'd be much appreciated!"
Apr 10, 2013
Clayton Smith commented on Eric's blog post Humidity sensor SHT2x for ArduPilotMega
"I just ordered similar sensors to play around with this weekend.  Just wondering if anyone else had dabbled with measuring relative humidity and temperature using ardupilot?  Thanks a bunch for posting the code - it will be a big help - and…"
Feb 19, 2013
Clayton Smith posted a discussion
I had no data logs showing up for a couple weeks.  Last night I booted the APM 2 up without the flash card, then booted it up again with the card and everything came back just fine.  Just thought I'd share in case others see the issue.  Not sure how…
Jul 15, 2012
Clayton Smith replied to Clayton Smith's discussion simple events.pde code:
"I'm getting closer.  I see that I should use a servo command like the one below.  Now I just need some advice on the best place to call it from the main arduplane code.  I currently call "event_rudderkick();" at the top of the navigate() function.…"
Jun 29, 2012
Clayton Smith posted discussions
Jun 28, 2012