Hi all, does anyone know of a way to send a message from another program into MAVProxy? I basically want to arm / disarm my APM, and control a couple of RC channels using MAVProxy as a go-between, sending it a values for it to send to the various rc channels (i.e "rc 3 1200").

Any help will be much appreciated!


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You could write a python module that you run with "module load" or you could write a small udp program that connects with a port that you provide in the "--out" command line option. Your program will then need to generate mavlink messages that you send to mavproxy.

did you figure this out?

That's an interesting question.

I am running MAVProxy on the on-board PC, and I changed the code of the MAVProxy a little. It runs a FLASK server, and it receives messages from the remote user in a string format like "arm throttle" or "rc 3 1500". And then the message is redirected to the stdin of the MAVProxy.

Can you post instructions on how you did that. And maybe some code too?

Hello, Same need here, We want to send high level MAVproxy command from another program. There is no way to do ?

I look the main loop code to convert MAVProxy CLI to a simple TCP (telnet) remote server daemon. This feature is just essential for MAVProxy and DroneKit

I have the opposite need, but I guess its actually the same problem. I want to get data out of mavproxy. In particular, I want GPS and sensor data. Im using a raspberry pi thats connected to the pixhawk, and I want to geotag the images Im making with the raspberry camera module. Anyone have any pointers? 

Hi all, does anyone know the way to extract the real time gps data from APM 2.8 to phpmyadmin for real time displaying the gps data on web server?

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