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I changed the subject of this discussion to a basic platform information exchange. I am planning on using the Hobby-Lobby Senior Telemaster as the platform for my UAV project. It's large wingspan and low wing loading, will allow heavier payloads, such as cameras and transmitter hardware. It has a large payload area and good access. The biggest problem I have is that the Senior Telemaster isn't readily available at this time(I've had mine on back-order since May 10th, and it's reported availability isn't until late July!). The Hobby-Lobby forum reports that the vendor is having trouble sourcing materials to complete the product. Personally I have made numerous phone calls to distributors of Hobby-Lobby kits searching without success, E-bay was the same I was a day late and a dollar short, an ARF was available 3 days earlier and sold for $81, as compared to $210 from Hobby-Lobby!

Anyone who has owned a Senior Telemaster is encouraged to share their photos, videos, and personal experiences here.

BTW that's not me! Stock picture from Hobby-Lobby web site!

Specs:94" wingspan, 64" long, 1330 sq. in. wing area (Stab area 320 sq. in.), 10 lbs. 8 oz. flying weight

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  • I was just curious if anyone had images and maybe even some measurements of the fuselage interior of the Senior Telemaster Plus? I am really interested as to its dimensions compared to the regular Senior Telemaster.




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    This actually isn't a Sig Kit it's licensed and distributed by, right now they have the Senior Telemaster ARF available in classic Yellow or the Red and White scheme as shown above for $209, or if you have the extra cash I would seriously consider buying the redesigned Senior Telemaster Plus $349. It has many improvements over the above design including a wider fuselage for increased payload and improved wing and tail mounting! Check out the video of the new Senior Telemaster Plus here. No matter what nothing flies like a Telemaster!


    Good Luck, and if you want one act fast because they don't stay in stock long, and when they are backordered you can wait months for them to come back in stock!




  • Hey guys.  I made a photography telemetry bay.  And I am roughing out a DSLR camera bay.

    What are your opinions about the structural integrity of what I am doing.

    The other pictures are on my Page.





    This is my favorite - The PNP version is pretty reasonable and they seem to be a short drive away. If you crash, the guts alone are worth the $ and you could re-use them in another foamy.

    Just a thought
  • @Nathaniel

    Have you considered using a "disposable" el-cheapo platform for your initial testing? Not sure what is available in your area..
  • I've heard that SIG manufacturing is having some problems. ARF supply will be difficult. The only products that are readily available are the kits.
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    For anyone who's interested, I gave up on getting my Senior Telemaster direct from Hobby-Lobby. I spoke with Dave Whitley at Hobby-Lobby (nice guy, very helpful), he was responding to the first e-mail I sent to them, oh about 6 weeks earlier. He called to let me know that the Senior Telemaster ARF I ordered in early May, should be in stock by mid-late August!!! There goes the summer flying season! He was actually very helpful, at this point I was so disgusted with the whole issue the only thing I could do was laugh it off.

    Anyway the important information I did find out was that when the kits and ARF's do come back in stock, they will be the same design as before. The new design modifications wont take place until after the new year. Apparently the long back-orders are due to a lack of available balsa to complete the kits! From what Dave explained to me there appears to be a shortage of balsa wood due to an increase in production of wind turbine blades. These blades apparently have a core made from balsa wood! If you have ever seen one of these turbines they are huge! Each turbine typically has three blades, each around 130-150 feet in length! That's a lot of balsa wood!!

    There is good news, I had a winning bid for a new unopened Senior Telemaster on E-bay last night!!! So there is light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn't a bargain, I actually ended up paying about $10 more than retail with the shipping , but I got my Telemaster!!!

    Hope everyone is having a good flying season, happy landings!

  • right now things are especially problematic with getting arfs made in China for a bunch of reasons

    odd they do not answer emails???

    Kind of makes me wonder though if the headaches keep growing exponentially for making arfs in China...
    the kit cutters in the USA might be back in bizness...even though many people have gotten lazy here and just want to shell out a couple hundered for an arf
  • Every once in a while a telemaster will show up on RC Universe or Ebay. I have a brand new (yellow) Senior Telemaster fuselage in a box. My original got crushed in shipping, but before the replacement arrived I got impatient and just fixed the damage, never used the replacement.


  • We've used the Sr. Telemaster, but that was with a Cloudcap Piccolo. It's a really nice platform, and handles similar enough to the EasyStar that the stock gains should work fine. We've loaded them to over 30 lbs (with the optional wing struts, and a bigger engine) and it carries the load with ease.

    Plan on picking up some yellow Monokote, because it can be a challenge to get stuff into the fuselage without cutting the film. (I'm assuming you're buying the ARF version.) Protect the tail -- hangar rash can easily damage it. To start with, I'd probably set the ailerons fixed and use rudder and elevator only, then worry about mixing them in.
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